How to Install Lightroom CC Presets on Desktop and Mobile (Official Method)

How to Install Lightroom CC Presets on Desktop and Mobile (Official Method)

Did you just download some Lightroom presets? In this guide, you'll learn how to install them to Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.

DNG or XMP Presets?

Depending on the preset you downloaded, it can come as two formats. This tutorial will show you how to install native XMP Lightroom presets.

No XMP presets? No Creative Cloud subscription? Follow our guide on how to install DNG presets instead.

DNG PresetsXMP Presets
Install without a computer ?
Works with Lightroom Mobile ? ? (Creative Cloud Required)
Appears in the Presets panel ?
Amount Slider ?
Live Thumbnail Previews ?
Sync to Multiple Devices ?

Important: Do not install LRTemplate presets. LRTemplate presets are phasing out. They use outdated, partially-supported settings and reduce Lightroom's performance.

Installing Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile Presets

Installing them with Lightroom CC is easy. You'll need to do this on your desktop/laptop in and have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. If you are not subscribed, you'll need to use the DNG presets instead.


  • A desktop/laptop with Lightroom CC installed
  • An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to sync the presets to your mobile device

Begin by opening Lightroom CC on your desktop. Click on the Presets tab near the bottom.

Click on the ? button (1) then click "Import Presets". Browse for your presets then click "Import".

Presets can be imported as .xmp, .dcp, and .lrtemplate files. A compressed .zip file can also be used.

  • ZIP: A compressed file that stores multiple presets
  • XMP: Lightroom CC presets
  • DCP: Camera-specific profile typically created with color calibration software
  • LRTemplate: Legacy Lightroom presets.

Syncing the Presets to Lightroom Mobile

After you've loaded the presets to Lightroom CC on your desktop, it should automatically sync to your mobile devices. You can check this by clicking on the ☁ button. When it's done syncing, it should say "Synced and Backed Up".

Once it's sync, open Lightroom CC on your mobile device. Select any photo and in the Presets area, you'll find the presets you just installed.

Changing the Opacity

Some Lightroom presets support the amount/opacity slider. You can adjust this in the Profile area after choosing your preset.

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    1. Not all Lightroom presets have this feature. Only presets that were built with profiles support opacity.

      Tip: Look for the keyword "profiles" or "opacity" before buying a preset.

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