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Better than Lightroom’s HDR Merge? Aurora HDR Review

If you do HDR photography, you know how time consuming the postprocessing part of it can be. In this video, you’ll find out how Aurora HDR stack up Lightroom’s HDR Merge. Overall, Aurora HDR is significantly better than Lightroom yet still being easy to use. It’ll let you create stunning HDR photos easier and faster.

How to Create The Most Natural HDR in Lightroom with LR/Enfuse

There are many HDR software out there and some of the top ones can cost you over $100. But all of those cannot create the same natural HDR results that this donationware plugin can. If you want the most natural HDR images, then you need to read this Lightroom tutorial.

Create Artistic HDR Photos in Lightroom Without 3rd Party HDR Software

Love it or hate it, this Lightroom tutorial will show you how to create these popular “artistic” HDR photos. This effect gives a grunge effect where you can see more details. Note that while many people call this effect HDR, it does not actually make your photo an HDR image.

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