Download These Lightroom Profiles to Easily Invert Your Photos

Download These Lightroom Profiles to Easily Invert Your Photos

Do you want to invert your photos in Lightroom quickly and easily? Download these free profiles! There are three different profiles included: Invert, Invert Luminosity and Invert Color. These profiles are useful for inverting scanned film or to create an effect, such as an x-ray effect.

Invert Lightroom Profiles

This download includes 3 Lightroom profiles. Use them to invert your photos quickly and easily.

  • Invert - This profile inverts the colors and luminosity of an image.
  • Invert Luminosity: This profile inverts the luminance, but not the color.
  • Invert Color: This profile inverts the color, but not the luminance.

The Lightroom profiles let you invert your photos in different ways. This is helpful if you want to correct scanned films or create a special effect. The profiles are easy to use and don't change the Lightroom settings.

How to Install the Invert Profiles in Lightroom

  1. Download the Invert Lightroom profiles (you do not need to unzip them).
  2. In Lightroom, go to File > Import Profiles and Presets.
  3. Load the "Invert Lightroom" file.

Using the Lightroom Profiles

To invert a photo, select a photo to edit. Press E to go to the Edit panel. Near the top, you'll see the Profile section. Click on the "Browse All Profiles" button.

Here, you'll find all of the Lightroom profiles. You will also find an "Invert" profile group. Expand the group and select an Invert profile to apply. You can adjust the "Amount" slider to control how strong the profile is.

Editing Your Photo After Applying the Profile

After you've applied the Invert profile, you can edit the photo as usual. But some settings will be reversed. For example, if you make the white balance warmer (instead of cooler) your image will end up cooler.

Download the Invert Lightroom Profiles

Here's the link to download these Invert profiles for Lightroom. The profiles are compatible with Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and the Lightroom mobile app. To install them in the Lightroom mobile app, install it on your computer and it'll sync to Lightroom on your phone/tablet (Adobe Creative Cloud subscription required).

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  1. OMG thank you. This is exactly the look we were looking for. We need a profile to only invert the luminosity but keep the hue. But we don't always use Lightroom so is there anyway we can get these as luts?

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