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How to get Beautiful Purple-Grad Sunset Colors in Seconds!

What do you do with boring daylight photos? Here’s a color effect you can add in seconds with Lightroom! This Lightroom tutorial will show you how to do this with just a warm white balance, purple gradual filter, and a little split toning.

How to Create an Instagram Nashville-Like Photo Effect in Lightroom

Want to learn a photo effect that makes almost any photo look better? This Lightroom tutorial will show you how! It’s a photo effect similar to the Instagram Nashville effect that hipsters seem to love. Read on to find out how you can turn any bad photo into artistic snapshots! PS: There’s a special trick

How to Create Cool Retro Lomo/Crossprocess Effects Using Lightroom

Have you ever wanted to give your photos an hipster retro look? Like the look that Holga and other Lomo cameras create? This Lightroom tutorial will show you how to create this look using a combination of settings. Best of all, you can create a preset out of this and apply it to any photos

Create Soft Smooth and Airbrushed Skin in Seconds with Adobe Lightroom

Have you ever want to improve the look of your skin without spending so much time in Photoshop? Lightroom lets you do this in seconds and we’re going to show you three ways of doing it starting with easy to advance. Unfortunately, Lightroom is pretty limited so the airbrushed look you get cannot compete with

Create Artistic HDR Photos in Lightroom Without 3rd Party HDR Software

Love it or hate it, this Lightroom tutorial will show you how to create these popular “artistic” HDR photos. This effect gives a grunge effect where you can see more details. Note that while many people call this effect HDR, it does not actually make your photo an HDR image.

How to Fix Hazy Photos in Seconds Without Guesswork

Do you have a bunch of low-contrast photos that needs retouching? And you need to do it fast?We’ll show you a workflow for retouching low contrast photos and one of Lightrooms best trick for removing the guesswork out of retouching photos. This tutorial is intended for beginners new to retouching with Adobe Lightroom.

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